Live Life Inspired

Aliso Viejo

With its beautiful parks, award-winning schools, and abundance of public resources, the City of Aliso Viejo lives up to its tagline: “Live Life Inspired.” Even before its incorporation into Orange County in 2001, Aliso Viejo has been one of the best cities to buy a home in Southern California. The City takes great care to ensure that residents of Aliso Viejo have the opportunity to enjoy high quality public works and community activities such as hiking and biking trails, fun parks, as well as recreation classes and youth sports. Aliso Viejo is home to Wood Canyon Wilderness Park, which is a dazzling sanctuary for rare and beautiful wildlife, including the old sycamore trees, for which the town derives its name.


Aliso Viejo is a family friendly suburb that perfectly balances the ideal suburban lifestyle along with all of the benefits that comes with being an Orange County incorporated town that encourages business and commerce. Several large corporations are based in Aliso Viejo which add to the broad array of available employment opportunities residents enjoy. Home to numerous businesses, residents can easily find places to shop, dine, and participate in many other fun activities.


The schools in Aliso Viejo are some of the best; offering children quality educations from kindergarten through senior year of high school. Aliso Niguel High School was ranked amongst the top 500 schools in the US because of its focus on students. They continue to concentrate on student success by utilizing a large staff centered around helping to foster learning and safety. Due to this attention to detail Aliso Niguel High School consistently has a high graduation rate and sends most of its graduates to continue their educations in college.


Purchasing a home in Aliso Viejo is one of the best decisions a home buyer can make. From the stunning mountain views and abundance of outdoor activities to the award-winning schools and top ranking safety one can’t go wrong when buying a home in wonderful Aliso Viejo.