Views for Artists

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is situated along seven miles of coastline of the Pacific Ocean. The residents of this picturesque coastal city are able to enjoy twenty seven gorgeous beaches, numerous art festivals, and world famous mountain biking trails. Whether you’re a beach lover wishing to experience perfect sandy shores, an art connoisseur looking for the next great art piece to add to your collection, or a thrill seeker trying to find that perfect trail or wave, Laguna Beach is the optimal city to buy a home.


From artists to wildlife enthusiasts, the beaches of Laguna Beach have something to offer for everyone. As the reason for the thriving tourist economy of this beautiful city, these beaches offer the opportunity to explore tide pools and hidden caverns, kayak, go on a dolphin or whale watching excursion, snorkel, surf or learn how to, play beach volleyball or other beach friendly sports, or enjoy a bonfire. While droves of tourist travel to Laguna Beach to experience these truly wonderful beaches, the locals know the best spots and how to enjoy them to their fullest potentials.  


The beauty of Laguna Beach creates the perfect atmosphere for artists to capture the charm and wonder of the world in their art. Every year their creations are shown off in Laguna’s world famous festivals including the Sawdust Art Festival, Laguna Art-A-Fair, and the Pageant of the Masters.


Not only does Laguna Beach provide residents with countless opportunities to experience their beautiful city through public beaches or art festivals, they also take pride in providing their children with great educations through the Laguna Beach Unified School District. Laguna Beach school prioritize student learning by providing education that is amongst the best in the state because of the district’s focus on learning and teaching strategies that are based on strong research. Laguna Beach High School sends an impressive ninety-two percent of its graduates to either two or four year colleges to continue their educations.


Home buyers looking for a breathtaking seaside community that places a focus on appreciating the beauty of their city, can end their search in Laguna Beach. This city is perfect for people who wish to live in an area where they can enjoy the charm of Southern California everyday.